Audiovisual & Multimedia

We understand that our role as AV consultant is to be our client’s advocate.

Audiovisual (AV) design has taken on a place of significant importance in virtually all modern buildings and structures. This is due, in part, to the requirement to communicate with the public and specific audiences quickly and efficiently, and due the public’s expectation for high quality sound and visual experiences. AV system elements, such as flat panel displays used for video display and signage and large-scale sound distribution systems require that provision be made during the earliest stages of design to accommodate them.

Throughout the design process, Cerami & Associates listens carefully to the owner’s and design team’s requirements, provides information on technology and estimated costs required to achieve stated goals and objectives, and acts upon design decisions to prepare specifications and drawings that describe efficient, buildable solutions.

Services Include:

  • Boardroom & Conference Room Systems
  • Classroom & Presentation Systems
  • Building-wide Background Music & Paging
  • Video Teleconferencing Rooms
  • Theaters, Auditoria & Multi-use Performance Spaces
  • Cable/ Satellite Television Distribution
  • Schematic Design & Programming
  • Design Development & Construction Documentation
  • Construction Administration & Testing